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Fathers' Rights Resources and Organizations, USA
The Fatherhood Coalition, MA
Fathers Resource, KS
Fathers Rights, TX
Fathers for Equal Rights, CO
National Congress for Fathers and Children
The National Organization for Men, NY
Fathers' Rights Association of New York State (FRANY), NY
Fathers For Equal Rights, TX
Win Child Custody
Fathers' Rights Resources and Organizations, International
Fathers Battling Injustice (F.B.I.), Canada
The Russian RightProtection Association - Fathers and Children
Condition Paternelle, France
Väter für Kinder e.V., Germany
Father's and Children's Rights, Paris
Families Need Fathers, London

Fathers With An Attitude, Legal Forms & Cases Just For You
   DADS on National Radio with Tom Leykis
Class Action Complaint for Violation of U.S. and Michigan Constitutions
Law Suit declaring use of pre-printed, pre-signed Orders to Show Cause and Bench Warrants violates due process
Constitutional Challenge to the Violence Against Women Act
California Supreme Court Prohibits Retroactive Paternity Child Support. 6-25-98
Adopted boy's dad awarded $7.8 million, 7-23-98
Choice for Men
Minnesota Court rules that administrative child support process is unconstitutional. 7-98
Divorcing Attorneys go to court
US Supreme Court
Massachusetts Pro Se Fathers
Moss v. Moss
U.S. v. Mussari, 7-26-95
U.S. v. Mussari, 9-5-96, 9th Circuit Court Only ( WA, OR, ID, NV, CA, AZ, MT)
Case Law: Unwed Fathers' Constitutional Rights
Diffley v. Arizona
Fathers Rights Blank Legal Forms
Fathers Rights, Dadmans Little Legal Helpers
Fathers Suing the Government
State Legislative Information
No Child Support Over 18
Parenting Time Enforcement Software

Domestic Violence & False Allegations Against Men
DADS Domestic Violence Page
DADS False Allegations against Men Links Page
On My Honour - Secrets of survival when falsely accused
Featured Instructions
Men Also Victims of Domestic Violence
No Place To Run for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse: Shelters, Support Groups Rare for Men
Abusive Women
Spotlight On Female Abuser: For 13 Years, He Never Hit Her Back
Myths about domestic violence
Husband Battering
Fathers' Domestic Relations Court Problem
False Allegations of Child Abuse
False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
Domestic Rights Coalition
Victims Of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL)
Women wasting tax payer's money on promoting domestic violence
Phone Numbers
Domestic Violence / Nashville Police

"Joint Custody", Political Advocates Disguised as Fathers Rights Activists
"Joint Custody", Problems for Fathers
United Fathers, WA
Wisconsin Men's Home page
The Fathers Group, MA

"Childrens' Rights", Advocates Disguised as Fathers Rights Activists
Children's Rights Council
National Fatherhood Initiative

Father Custody & Information
The Hague Convention - for fathers with foreign wives
Single-Father Households on Rise
How I Obtained Physical Custody of My Son
Single & Custodial Fathers Network
Fathers Rights To Custody Homepage
The Wall Street Journal, October 3, 1997, Page B-1
Types of Custody
Custody Arrangements
Stay at home DADS
At Home Dads
DADS Library on Paternity
Paternity Discussion
National Missing Children's Locate Center

SLAVERY (of Fathers with child support laws) IS OK?
According to US 9th CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS, San Francisco (Portland, Oregon Branch) See the decision where the court ruled that child-support awards fall within the narrow class of obligations that may be enforced by means of imprisonment without violating the constitutional prohibition against slavery.
Review and Comment on States Child Support Law
Child Support Over-payment Refund in Oregon
Support Guidelines
Maryland case ending incarceration of parents who cannot afford to pay the ordered amount of support
Minnesota Supreme Court declares administrative Child Support process unconstitutional, 1-28-99, Minnesota Court of Apeals ruling. June, 1998
Terminating Child Support at age 18
Tax tip for fathers of children born out of wedlock
Bankruptcy Equals No Child Support?
Woman tackles 'deadbeat-dad' glitches
Child Support Over-payment Refund in Oregon
Ideas for Federal Legislation
Father Enslaving Child Support Information
Have You Paid Enough?

Selected Attorneys
Alan Eisenberg, National Practice
Cohen, Vacanti & Higgins - Father's Rights, KS, NE
Jeff Leving, IL
Travis Ballard, MI
The Beaulier Law Offices, MN
Jim Elshoff, MT
Dana Christian, MT
Andrew E. Carlan, Esq, NY
Lawrence D. Gorin, OR
Stephens and Russell, OR
Michael Gallagher, WA
Goldberg, Fancher and Jones, WA
theBestDefense.com, CA

Publications & Information
Changing Men Collections
Books by Warren Farrell

Divorced Dads
Here also
On My Honour - Secrets of survival when falsely accused

Getting a Divorce
Parenting Laws
Fathers' Rights Newsline
At Home Dad
Fathers Rights Foundation
Fathers Wrestle for their Rights
Parental Alienation Syndrome
The Men's Defense Association
Self Help California
The Single Father's Lighthouse
Who gets custody?
Who's in charge of your custody case?

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