Founding Fathers

Nathaniel "Nat" Denman

"Nat" Denmen lived in Falmouth, Mass. "Nat" Denmen had his own "Pro Se" news letter, and use to always tell "Fathers" to take their issues to Federal Court. "Nat" would go to local meetings and write column in the "Fathers Rights" news letters. One of the "Fathers Rights" news letter was THE LEGAL BEAGLE, published by Peter Cyr, a Dentist in Portland, Maine . (By the way, these news letters can be found at Michigan State University Library, in the "Special Collections".)

Here is a copy of a column that appeared in November, 1984 for the "Legal Beagle".

Many readers of my columns have written to me, or the publishers of the newsletters, concerning present, pressing problems. Some publishers, such as Peter Cyr, prefer that the problem sent directly to me, at the above address. If you have a problem that may be of general interest, no more than 150 words, preferably typed, to me, with a self address stamped envelope, and I will answer it, if possibility, in my next column without using your name, just like Ann Landers. I request that the person with the problem send me the question....


1. The parental grandparents were ordered by a State Court Judge sign over their $25,000 equity in their home on a huge "Appearance Bond" with a FACE VALUE of more than 1,500% of the son's alleged arrearage. When grandparents refused this unconstitutional order, the Father held in "Contempt", and Jailed. This totally Unconstitutional, as parents cannot be held peculiarly responsible for their son's future Court appearances:


The alleged contemptor is capable of performing the Court Order he is accused of violating.

2. A Court Reporter has refused to provide, after offer of reasonable payment, a transcript because, "the case was not important enough". "Yes", it was. See Griffin v People of Illinois (look it up in a table of federal cases) and Application of gault, 87 S Ct, 1428 on the right to transcrip. I once sued a Court Reporter in Federal Court for refusing for a year, to do the transcript for which I paid a deposit. Two weeks later, I has the transcipt. (Denemen V Gleason).

3. A Family Court Judge has committed several unconstitutional acts against the children, the Father, and the grandparents who were told that the Judge could not be sued. Not so ! State Judges can sued if US Constitutional principles are violated, as in Ridgeway v Ridgeway, 102 S Ct 49. They are not immune, according to the "Pullian" case, 104 S Ct __ .

4. A husband adopted the wife's natural children, immediarely after the wedding. A few months later, the wife aborted his child, with a tubal-ligation (irrecersible sterilization), and filed for divorce including child support. Sometimes a mother follows an example of a "Cuckoo Bird" while her chicks starve. In an extreme case, like this one, the "mother" (Arouses a tender protective feeling, doesn't it?) had the husband adopt her children by a previous marriage, presuaded the husband to have a vasectomy, and the day after the medical report that he was sterile came through, the wife filed for divorce, child support, and denial of visitation, because she claimed that the husband was,"No Damn Good !" ...Yes, there is something that can be done, but its in Federal Court, against that (mother?) woman and her attorney.

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