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Founding Fathers Proposed Fathers Bill of Rights


For the Family Formulation and Stabilization Act we recognize that Families are a fundamental building block of a nation, and further recognize that Government enact laws having a direct impact on our Families. Therefore, Congress should enact the Fathers Bill of Rights to Stabilize our Families.

  1. The word "Father" to be made part of the preferred definition in the word "family" as used in federal government funded programs. If you should read any federal definition of "family", you will noticed that "Fathers" are not included in the definition. The problem of leaving out "Fathers" in the definition of "family," gives government workers the option to exclude and DISCRIMINATE AGAINST "DADS" by denying "Equal Treatment under the Law", while "Fathers" are denied billions of dollars in federally funded "family" programs.

  2. A uniform "Paternity Law" like the text on the Paternity & Father Child Custody Options page where DNA information is included as part of the birth certificate and; (a) Courts would be disallowed to ORDER a DEFAULT for "PATERNITY" against a boy who is a minor without the presents of an adult or an attorney representing him; (b) The Child Support Enforcement Department will NOT accept an AFFIDAVIT for PATERNITY from a boy who is a minor, without the presents of an adult or an attorney representing him; (c) That divorces which included child custody and child support would have to include a showing that the Father had an opportunity to verify paternity with DNA evidence.

    Not having these rights allows the courts to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST DADS by misusing simple phrases and correct logic such as "presumed Father" of the children because he is married to the mother, and not following court rules of evidence for DNA proof.

  3. Obligor/Fathers who are court ORDERED to pay child support should have those court ORDERS automatically suspended (by State Statute) when the obligor/father is in jail or prison or in the hospital or becomes unemployed for more then 60 days. In the case of unemployment for more than 60 day, the obligor/father will become part of a special "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" employment seeking group for employers to use as hiring resources.

  4. Obligor/Fathers who are Court Ordered to pay Child Support should be EXEMPT from the Child Support Order, or have the Child Support Order suspended when (a) child for support is being paid runs away from home; (b) obligor/fathers income is at or below the "Federal Poverty Level".

  5. To prevent Waste, Fraud and Abuse within the Child Support Enforcement System (a) it will be a Felony for an obligee, or member of the Child Support Enforcement Staff to leave the name of an obligor who is dead, on the rolls support enforcement for collection purposes; (b) All administrative support cases must be reviewed by a Judge at a Court Hearings Process with Court notification to the proposed obligor; (c) All Domestic Relations Courts will publish, on or near the Court room door it's 2 year record of child custody awards of mothers vs fathers in an attempt to show fairness between the genders.

  6. Child Support should be considered a "Tax" under all State and Federal Tax Codes, because it is created by the State and levied against obligor/fathers according to his income and the numbers of children that he has. Furthermore, the moneys obtained by this system are directly used to fund welfare programs which exclude Fathers through no funding of Fathers Programs and DISCRIMINATION AGAINST DADS . See Tax Tip for unmarried Fathers.

  7. Obligor/Fathers who are required to pay Child Support for an adult child, (over age 18 and attending school) should have a Federal Income Tax credit for the Child Support money being paid and a benefit requiring the adult child to contribute .1% of his or her income, after graduation, to obligor/father's Individual Retirement Account, (IRA) .

  8. The Child Support Enforcement Department and/or the Judicial system shall have ten, (10) years STATUTE of LIMITATIONS to initiate and/or collect child support. Additionally, Social Security checks should be protected by law from Child Support garnishment.

  9. The Child Support Enforcement Office(s) are to be annually audited and Fathers Day will be a yearly opportunity for the Child Support Enforcement Office(s) to return checks to obligors for child support payroll deductions which were made but not delivered for the purpose intended, perhaps because the obligee moved without a forwarding address.

  10. The State Office of Child Support Enforcement shall provide one semester of high school class for boys to inform and educate them as to the purpose and function of the Child Support Enforcement. The boys should learn this at about the tenth grade level so they can see their parent's tax dollars at work.

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